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Japanese Meal Prep

Japanese cooking to become a healthier you

My course will help busy parents, professionals, and alike to learn how to establish healthy eating habits by teaching the fundamentals of Japanese cooking, meal planning, and meal prepping. I'll teach you how to put in a minimal amount of effort into your cooking but have a high reward and payout at the end. We will work to make these changes into habits so you can enjoy your newfound lifestyle.

Back in 2015, Miwa (host)  juggled being an entrepreneur and a full time mom. She was struggling with the desire to feed her family nutritious foods, while building her business which led to burnout. Driven by the positive changes and habits healthy eating had given her, she created a system to be able to feed her family the nutritious foods she desired while freeing up time for her business. 


By practicing a Japanese traditional cooking method called <ichijyuu sannsai> she has brought back balance to her health, happiness, less stress and more family time. 


Her whole meal planning system will allow you to live a wholesome life with less stress around what to cook, less dishes, less mess and more time. 


8 weeks to update your eating habits
~Total 32 videos & 12 PDF guides~


Learn the fundamentals of Japanese cooking, including cultural aspects, Japanese essential ingredients, Umami, Japanese fermented foods and seasonal vegetables


Introduce Miwa’s sustainable meal planning based on traditional Japanese cooking philosophy (ichiju sansai).


Create your own meal plan by following a step by step guide.


Learn how to implement your meal planning so that it becomes a long term habit.


Interactive supports after 8 weeks

You will be invited to a private  group for 6 months for free where you can ask me any questions along the way. You will also interact with other students to support each other by exchanging helpful information

Free meal plan service

Even after finishing the course, I’ll continue to encourage you with a free meal plan service for another 4 weeks to assist in your transformation and habit formation.

All about MIWA

Japanese Mom of 2 boys. YouTuber (100000+ subscribers), multiple cookbook author and entrepreneur. 

  • Featured in Tokyo Weekenders (longest running English magazine in Japan)

  • 2019 tripadvisors award winner for the best cooking class in Tokyo

  • Taught over 300 students from 30 different countries how to cook Japanese food

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Testimonial interviews

What Audience Say

"Your breakfasts are really useful as I no longer eat cereal and alternate between sourdough bread and Japanese breakfasts (miso soup, rice, fish eg). Making these quick-fixes in the morning but with all the nourishment and elegance of Japanese cuisine really adds quality to life, first thing in the morning! Very mindful. "
  • What is the duration of the course?
    There are 32 instructional videos approximately 5 minutes in length. There is also an activity and homework at the end of each lesson. The homeworks involves cooking and planning delicious meals for the week. The estimated required time per week should be around 3 hours which includes cooking meals for the week! Investing a small amount of time for your health will certainly go a long way!
  • What type of support will I get with this course?
    This course contains 32 videos with corresponding PDF guides to assist you on your journey. There will also be a private online community to assist you with additional questions you might have, share ideas and help each other overcome any bumps in your transformation (Take and Ume course only). After finishing the course, I have developed a meal plan service to help you continue your newly found healthy lifestyle. The meal plans will continue for an additional 4 weeks (Take and Ume course only). Your transformation and habit formation is an investment that I want to be a part of.
  • What’s the cancelation policy?
    Once you pay for Miwa’s Japanese cooking online course, 30 percent is immediately non-refundable. We understand that sometimes circumstances beyond your control may require you to withdraw from a course. We will work with you on a case-by-case basis if any circumstance arises within the first week of your course. However, after seven days, we no longer offer refunds.
  • Where can I find Terms and Conditions?
    Please refer here for the Terms and Condition.
  • I am a vegan. Is the course suitable for me?
    Absolutely! Our course is designed to be inclusive and adaptable to various dietary needs and preferences, including veganism. We provide ample vegan-friendly alternatives for recipes that traditionally include animal products. In fact, several vegan participants have successfully completed our course and greatly enjoyed learning about and making plant-based Japanese cuisine. So, you can fully immerse in the beauty of Japanese cuisine while adhering to your vegan lifestyle. We are committed to ensuring that everyone, regardless of their dietary choices, can participate and find value in our course.

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