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Braised new potato with sweetened soy sauce


All you need for this dish are 2 ingredients and 3 condiments.

No cutting is required!!!! How wonderful is that?! haha

I've been trying a quarantine cooking which requires minimum ingredients as possible.

If you have potato in your pantry, please give it a try!

So simple, easy and tasty!

If you substitute chicken mince to mushrooms, it can be a vegan friendly dish also.

I hope you guys are all coping this <stay at home> situation well!

For myself, it's been quite challenging with two kids plus work, but not only a downside, two brothers are spending best time together more than ever!

Stay home and enjoy cooking!

I'll be happy to help your cooking ideas!

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Need to be thicken up a little more!

I'm stubbing my potato!

<Yield> 3 servings

<Prep time>0mins

<Cook time> 17 mins


・6 new potatoes( small size) about 360g

・200g of minced chicken or pork

・100㏄ of water

・½ tsp of grated ginger


・3 tbsp of rice wine

・2 ½ tbsp of soy sauce

・2 tbsp of mirin

・1 ½ tbsp of sugar

<Optional toppings>

spring onion


1:scrub the skin of potato and wipe off the moisture completely. Stab the skin of potato. This will allow the potato to absorb all the seasonings. 2: Heat the 1 tbsp of vegetable oil in a pan with mid -high, place potatoes. Cook it for a couple mins until the skin becomes nice and golden.Then, remove them from the pan. 3: In a same pan, add chicken mince and cook it until half way cooked. Back the potato into the pan and add rice wine, water and grated ginger. 4: Once it bring to a boil, add sugar, mirin, and soy sauce. Reduce the heat to low and simmer it for 12~15mins depending on how big you potatoes are. 5: Open the lid, check if the potatoes are fully cooked by poking with bamboo skewer. If the skewer goes through smoothly, it means cooked. Continue thicken up the sauce until there is almost no liquid. Ready to be enjoyed!



- you can swap chicken mince to mushrooms if you are plant based.

-you can add carrot to inject more colors.


-new potatoes contains more water and has very thin skin and relatively small. Hence, you can cook them with the skin on. If you are cooking with regular potato, make sure to cut into big bite size pieces.

<Storage time>

Store them in a airtight container for 3days in a fridge.

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