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Have you overwhelmed by many kids of mushrooms in Japanese supermarket?

Can mushrooms eat as raw?

I love love mushrooms while my kids hate mushrooms!! haha

There are so many kinds of mushrooms you never found outside of Japan!

Try and enjoy new kinds of mushrooms!

Let’s explore the world of mushrooms!


1: When is the best time to eat mushrooms?

2; 4 kinds of major mushrooms you can find in japan.

3; How to store the mushrooms?

4; How to eat and cook mushrooms?

5; Recipe using mushrooms

<1: When is the best time to eat mushrooms?>

September- November ( in Japan)

※It differs depending on the mushrooms.

<2; 4 kinds of major mushrooms you can find in japan>

Enoki mushrooms (えのき; enoki)

-Low in calories but rich in minerals! YAY!

-Has anti-cancer effect

-You don’t want to over cook, otherwise you will loose the texture easily.

Shimeji mushroom (しめじ;shimeji)

-Rich in umami ingredients.

-Rich in dietary fiber contributes to relieving constipation and lowering cholesterol levels

Shiitake mushroom(椎茸;shiitake)

-The texture is very meaty. Great option for the meat substitute.

-Lowering blood cholesterol

-Activation of immune cells

-When shiitake mushrooms are dried, vitamin D increases. Contributes to bone formation.

Maitake Mushroom(舞茸;maitake)

-Rich in texture and aroma

-High in vitamin B, vitamin D and minerals.

<3; How to store the mushrooms?>

-Store them in fridge.

-The mushroom goes bad pretty easily. Make sure to use them up in 2 days.

-To store the mushrooms longer.

1 ; Dry the mushroom in the sun. By letting them dry, not only it will last longer, but also increased nutritional value. I often use dried mushroom into the soup. It is super tasty!!!

2; Freeze them in a zip bag.

By freezing the mushrooms, the cell membrane of mushrooms break and the enzyme works to increase the taste.

<4; How to eat and cook mushrooms?>

-Make sure to cook before you eat. Cremini mushroom is the only kind which is eatable as raw.

- Do not wash the mushrooms to retain the aroma. All you have to do is gently wiping off the dust and dirt with clean cross or kitchen towel.

-Each kinds of mushrooms has a different texture and aroma. I often mix multiple kinds of mushrooms for soup and stews. It’s packed with flavor!

<5;Recipe using mushrooms>




Vegan Japanese style vegetable mixed rice

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2020/11/13 MIWA