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From May 1st to June 30th, due to concern regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, all of the Face-to-Face (offline) cooking classes are closed. Instead, we are offering Online cooking classes. Please go to Online Cooking Class for more details. 

Our Cooking Class

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Japanese Homemade

A typical Japanese comfort food dishes.

Japanese Homemade details

Sushi Roll

Very popular course. You will be creating your own Sushi Rolls just in 2hours

Japanese Vegan Dishes

Japanese food and Vegan dishes are great fit! Try out some of the most delicious Japanese Vegan Dishes

Vegan details

Tofu Dishes

Discover new ways of Tofu dishes. You will learn multiple cooking methods by using different type of Tofu products.


Okonomiyaki is a famous Japanese-style pancake or crepe. You will learn how easy it is to cook this amazing dishes


Tempura is one of the most common and popular Japanese food.

Tailored Dishes

Let us know Japanese food you want to cook. We will tailor the menu accordingly

Cooking in Traditional house @Kamakura

You will have a cooking experience in a traditional house at Kamakura (1hr away from Tokyo)

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