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We're grateful for the overwhelming number of joiners to the IKIGAI Cooking Club!

For now, we've paused new registrations to ensure a smooth experience for our members. Once everything is in place, we'll reopen the enrollment. Stay tuned!

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Discover the Joy of Home Cooking with the MIWA's IKIGAI Cooking Club!

Transform your lifestyle, connect with like-minded people, and embrace your Ikigai through our online cooking community.

*New registation is currently paused (Sorry!)


Connect with
a Vibrant Online Community of
Japanese Cuisine Enthusiasts

The IKIGAI Cooking Club is more than just a membership –

it's a thriving online community of individuals passionate for creating delicious and healthy meals. By joining our community, you'll:

  • Engage with like-minded food lovers who share their knowledge, experiences, and tips on delectable and healthy Japanese meals

  • Participate in lively discussions and learn from fellow members' culinary adventures

  • Gain inspiration and motivation from others on the same journey toward a healthier, more enjoyable Japanese home cooking experience

Embrace the joy of Japanese cooking and connect with a vibrant community of fellow enthusiasts today.

What Our Members Say


The Ikigai Cooking Club has been a lifesaver, breaking the monotony of daily meals with fast, healthy, and flavorful recipes. I no longer stress about meal planning, which has been a significant boost to my happiness.


The opportunities for interaction in this community are plenty, and I appreciate the chance to engage with fellow members and Miwa. I can't think of anything to add - it's just a lovely, welcoming place to be!


Since joining the IKIGAI Cooking Club, I've noticed a significant change in my energy levels and stress. Understanding the impact of fresh, whole foods on my wellbeing, beyond just the absence of processed ingredients, has been transformative. Plus, a more focused grocery list has even lightened the burden on my wallet!

This is how our members ENGAGE in OUR COMMUNITY

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Exchanging Ideas


Sharing Experiences

Interested in joining our community? 

Who is the IKIGAI Cooking Club for?

1 / People Desiring to Incorporate More Vegetables

If you're juggling a demanding job or raising a family, our club is perfect for helping you fit healthy home-cooked meals into your hectic schedule.

2 / Struggling Meal Planner

Tired of constantly coming up with meal ideas? Our weekly meal plans and grocery lists make it easy to prepare delicious, vegetable-rich dishes without the stress of decision-making.

3 / Home Cooking Habit-Seeker

If you've tried to establish a home cooking routine but struggled to maintain it, our supportive community and expert guidance will help you develop long-lasting, enjoyable habits.

What our community members say

"A Life-Changing Experience with Miwa's IKIGAI Cooking Club"


"Learning a new skill can be daunting, and often hard to stick to. The community has been a fantastic resource in sharing the journey and keeping each other engaged"

"If you are thinking about joining Miwa's community, do not hesitate"


"The experience of learning meal prep with Miwa is so much fun and rewarding. In just a short time, you will be surprised how easy it is to make a variety of beautiful and delicious dishes."

"Mentally I find myself much less stressed about preparing food for my family"


"If you want to cook tasty and healthy meals, especially Japanese meals, but you have found it hard to build a good foundation in the past, this community is for you.

If you enjoy watching Miwa’s videos and trying recipes, but you want to take it to the next level, ask questions and meet others on this same journey, then this friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming community is here for you!"

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Discover Delicious Weekly Meal Plans 

MIWA provides you with detailed weekly meal plans and grocery lists. This includes:

  1. Recipe links accompanying each meal plan, featuring easy-to-follow instructions and engaging video demonstrations.

  2. Grocery lists to prevent overspending and reduce food waste, making your shopping trips efficient and economical

Experience the joy of vegetable-rich recipes and simplify your home cooking journey with MIWA's guidance and comprehensive resources. 

Interactive Monthly Online Meeting
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By joining our community, you'll gain access to exclusive Q&A sessions where you can get your cooking questions answered by fellow members. Remember, the environment shapes who you are. 

Plus, enjoy engaging cook-along sessions that will not only improve your skills but also introduce you to
new and delicious recipes.

Become a part of our supportive community and take your culinary journey to new heights!

What's Included in Your Membership:

About MIWA

Japanese Mom of 2 boys. YouTuber (13k+ subscribers), multiple cookbook author, and entrepreneur. 

Featured in Tokyo Weekenders (longest running English magazine in Japan)

2019 TripAdvisor award winner for the best cooking class in Tokyo

Taught over 300 students from 30 different countries how to cook Japanese food
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Embrace Your Ikigai: The Joy of Cooking

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that represents the joy and satisfaction derived from pursuing a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.


Our IKIGAI Cooking Club embodies this spirit, helping you discover your passion for cooking, build lasting habits, and foster connections with like-minded individuals.

Ikigai Cooking Club has revolutionized my culinary journey. Their meal plans introduce novel ingredients and recipes, offering a fresh perspective on grocery shopping. This club reduced my dependence on meal kit services, guiding me towards healthier, sustainable dining.

- Mei

Effortless and Fun Home Cooking Made Simple

Learn the secret behind Miwa's easy and enjoyable cooking, even with her busy life as a mom of two young children. It all comes down to consistency, and she's eager to share her knowledge with you.

Join the IKIGAI Cooking Club and experience:

  • Stress-free meal planning with weekly meal plans and grocery lists

  • A supportive online community that makes cooking fun and sustainable

  • The chance to unlock your culinary creativity through practice


Transform your cooking experience with the IKIGAI Cooking Club today!

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