Kokoro Care Packages

 Kokoro Care Packages offers hand-crafted monthly and seasonal Care Packages filled with premium-quality Japanese foods delivered straight from Japan to your door. Each item (including snacks, spices, soups, teas and more) is carefully selected for its quality, ease of use and of course, great taste!

All products are chemical-free and many cannot be found outside of Japan. They work closely with local producers who share their values and are passionate about the foods they create. All products are made in Japan and they provide all the English translations so you can easily enjoy all the wonderful foods and learn about the stories behind each item. They currently ship to over 35 countries worldwide.


Find out more at www.kokorocares.com and @kokorocares

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Offering the world's largest selection of Japanese tea, Yunomi.life bridges the language and cultural borders that separates Japanese tea farmers with tea enthusiasts worldwide.

More than “farm-to-table”, we believe in “people-to-people”—at Yunomi, read about the farmers who grow your tea, as we translate your feedback into Japanese so the farmers can also learn about you! Come and join us in a life steeped in tea!

Staffed by the bilingual tea and Japanese culture experts of MATCHA LATTE MEDIA KK, we seek to put Japanese culture into the hands of consumers around the world through tea. Come and join us in living a life steeped in tea!

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We make the knife purchasing process easy and transparent by curating a collection of knives that are strong, sharp (beware!), and low maintenance. Less work, more fun in the kitchen.

Our chief knife maker, Hisatada Kawashima, selects the steel that is best suited for the specific task. More importantly, he hand-crafts each knife with the precision gained from 60 years as a dedicated craftsman.

We offer four knives – the most essential for any kitchen.