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MIWA's Japanese Cooking

Fun, Healthy, and Tasty Japanese Cookery for Everyone

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Over 1,800 sold! Enjoy healthy, delicious Japanese home-cooked recipes for everyday meals. Simplify menu planning with 250+ linked dishes on our website.


Online Academy

Don't miss out on revitalizing your health with MIWA's Online Cooking Course. Master essential skills, meal planning, and prep for nutritious, effortless meals. Avoid the regret of not achieving work-life balance and a healthier, happier you with Japanese cooking in just 2 months!



Discover the Joy of Home Cooking with the MIWA's IKIGAI Cooking Club!
Transform your lifestyle, connect with like-minded people, and embrace your Ikigai through our online cooking community.


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Transform Your Eating Habits with Miwa's Japanese Cooking Techniques

My course will help busy parents, professionals, and alike to learn how to establish healthy eating habits by teaching the fundamentals of Japanese cooking, meal planning, and meal prepping. I'll teach you how to put in a minimal amount of effort into your cooking but have a high reward and payout at the end. We will work to make these changes into habits so you can enjoy your newfound lifestyle.


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What a gift Miwa has and is! She is the heart of this experience and gave us such a unique opportunity to have a wonderful conversation, a wonderful meal, and learn a new skill (new ingredients and methods of preparation) that all revolved around our host country. The experience gave us a nice contrast in our travels, a respite from the crowds and the city, as we soaked in the simplicity of a Japanese apartment, the appreciation of the foods and the connection with a local. I cannot recommend this experience highly enough.

Frédéric D (Belgium)

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