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Japanese Meal Prep

Transform your health with the power of Japanese Cooking

Transform your health with our course. Busy parents and professionals will learn essential cooking skills, meal planning, and prepping for delicious, nutritious meals with minimal effort.

Let's build lasting habits and start living your best life today. Join us now and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you with only


MIWA's Healthy Japanese Cooking Course

Miwa's Meal Planning System:

Achieving Work-Life Balance and Nutritious Eating Through Japanese Cooking Method in 2 months

MIWA Japanese Cooking Course
MIWA Japanese Cooking Course Community

Results speak louder than words

"Evrey meal is so exciting, healthy and delicious!"

"I am perfeclty satisfied with my new diet after introducing Ichijyu-sansai."

Vanessa, Florida

"You are going to naturally eat less"

"The biggest positive change is that I am feeling very staisfied now with eating a bit less. If you start with the soup, especially with some vegetables and some fiber with Ichiju-sansai, you are going to naturally eat less."

Anthony, Hawaii

"It's less stressful to cook now"

"Miwa's meal plans are extremely helpful, especially if you have very little time, cooking experience or knowledge about Japanese cuisine. I am more organized now preparing my meals"

Krystle, Michigan

"I am feeling better in myself physically and mentally"

"During the course, it's brought back to me the importance of meal prepping. After the course, meal planning makes your life much easier. You get a sense of satisfaction!"

Tammy, Australia

"I became more open-minded"

"I started to see changes very quickly because food was very fulling and I was feeling more energetic.  I feel I became more open-minded since then"

Rayne, Texas

Want to hear more from the students? 

Watch a full interview of

Anthony and Krystle 

from the link

Let's dive into MIWA's Cooking Course


MIWA Cooking Course details

Get yourelf ready for the course and understand how to make a best use of this course

Day2 (Part1)

MIWA Cooking Course details

Understand the general principles of traditional Japanese cooking and Ichiju-Sansai method

Day2 (Part2)

MIWA Japanese Cooking Course Recipe details

Basic ingredients of Japanese cuisine, and Ma Go Wa Ya Sa Shi I concept


MIWA Japanese Cooking Course Recipe details

Get familiar with Japanese condiments and cooking popular dishes together


MIWA Japanese Cooking Course Recipe details

All you need to know about DASHI and making your own dashi


MIWA Japanese Cooking Course Recipe details

Introducing Japanese fermented food and understand the benefits of incorporating it into your diet


MIWA Japanese Cooking Course Recipe details

Exploring seasonal vegetables and how to incorporate more veges into your cooking

Day7 (Part1)

MIWA Japanese Cooking Course Recipe details

The power of habits and introducing MIWA's meal planning system

Day7 (Part2)

MIWA Japanese Cooking Course Recipe details

How to start meal prep and how to utilize prepped meal


MIWA Japanese Cooking Course Recipe details

Create your own meal plan and introducing some tips before starting meal planning


MIWA Japanese Cooking Course Recipe details

Create sustainable Cooking habits



Transform your home cooking experience by mastering traditional Japanese techniques, embracing healthy ingredients, and designing personalized meal plans for a nourishing and enjoyable culinary journey.

Miwa's Meal Planning System:

Achieving Work-Life Balance and Nutritious Eating Through Japanese Cooking Method

3 life-changing benefits

Learn how to make time and money-saving meals that are delicious and healthy.

Unlock the secrets of longevity by learning ichiju-sansai 

MIWA Japanese Cooking Course Benefits


Reduce your environmental impact by learning how to use up what ingredients you have on hand and learn how to use meal planning to reduce food waste

MIWA Japanese Cooking Course Recipe details


See reductions in your food costs by adopting plant-based eating and using up the groceries you purchase with no waste

MIWA Japanese Cooking Course Recipe details


There is a reason why Japan is one of the healthiest nations. Lean how to adopt a healthier lifestyle which incorporates more variety in your diet, loads of vegetables and lots of flavor 

MIWA Japanese Cooking Course Recipe

8 weeks to update your eating habits
~Total 32 videos & 12 PDF guides~

MIWA Japanese Cooking Course Recipe details

Interactive supports 

Join our private group for 6 months to get personalized support and connect with other students for helpful information and advice.

MIWA Japanese Cooking Course Recipe details Meal Plan

Meal plan service

Get continued support for 4 weeks after the course with our meal planning service to help you transform your habits.

This is how our members ENGAGE in OUR COMMUNITY

Japanese Meal Prep ideas
Japanese Meal Prep ideas


Exchanging Ideas

Japanese Meal Recipe Ideas Engagement Community
Japanese Meal Recipe Ideas Engagement Community
Japanese Meal Recipe Ideas Engagement Community

Sharing Experiences

Interested in joining our community? 

  • What is the duration of the course?
    There are 32 instructional videos approximately 5 minutes in length. There is also an activity and homework at the end of each lesson. The homeworks involves cooking and planning delicious meals for the week. The estimated required time per week should be around 3 hours which includes cooking meals for the week! Investing a small amount of time for your health will certainly go a long way!
  • What type of support will I get with this course?
    This course contains 32 videos with corresponding PDF guides to assist you on your journey. There will also be a private online community to assist you with additional questions you might have, share ideas and help each other overcome any bumps in your transformation (Take and Ume course only). After finishing the course, I have developed a meal plan service to help you continue your newly found healthy lifestyle. The meal plans will continue for an additional 4 weeks (Take and Ume course only). Your transformation and habit formation is an investment that I want to be a part of.
  • What’s the cancelation policy?
    Once you pay for Miwa’s Japanese cooking online course, 30 percent is immediately non-refundable. We understand that sometimes circumstances beyond your control may require you to withdraw from a course. We will work with you on a case-by-case basis if any circumstance arises within the first week of your course. However, after seven days, we no longer offer refunds.
  • Where can I find Terms and Conditions?
    Please refer here for the Terms and Condition.
  • I am a vegan. Is the course suitable for me?
    Absolutely! Our course is designed to be inclusive and adaptable to various dietary needs and preferences, including veganism. We provide ample vegan-friendly alternatives for recipes that traditionally include animal products. In fact, several vegan participants have successfully completed our course and greatly enjoyed learning about and making plant-based Japanese cuisine. So, you can fully immerse in the beauty of Japanese cuisine while adhering to your vegan lifestyle. We are committed to ensuring that everyone, regardless of their dietary choices, can participate and find value in our course.

All about MIWA

Japanese Mom of 2 boys. YouTuber (13k+ subscribers), multiple cookbook author, and entrepreneur. 

  • Featured in Tokyo Weekenders (longest running English magazine in Japan)

  • 2019 TripAdvisor award winner for the best cooking class in Tokyo

  • Taught over 300 students from 30 different countries how to cook Japanese food

MIWA Japanese Cooking Recipe Class Community

Is the MIWA's healthy Japanese cooking course right for you?


Want to incorporate more vegetables into your diet

Seek to learn traditional Japanese Cooking techniques

Desire to create personalized meal plans for healthier lifestyle

ENJOY being part of a supportive online community

Are ready to commit to making home cooking habit



Are not interested in learning about Japanese cousine


Prefer fast food or processed meals over home cooking


Are not willing to invest time and effort into meal planning


Do not see the value of an online community for support and learning


Are looking for a quick fix or magic solution to improve your eating habits

Still unsure about the course?

Get in touch with us and

MIWA will get back to you. 

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