• Miwa

Chirashizushi~festive sushi~

On may 5th, we had a children's day. we cerebrate the kid’s growth and health.

To let the table a little festive, I always make CHIRASHIZUSHI. It's a kind of sushi which is very popular in Japanese home-cooking at special occasions .

Each family has their own recipe for this CHIRASHIZUSHI.

I'm introducing my version here which I believe as the easiest.

You can arrange it to your own way by adding your favorite toppings.

It’s great for home-party too!

Egg looks like a noodle. I'm using sea weed instead of shiitake mushroom in the picture.

Kids are helping me mixing rice.

<Yield> 5 servings

<Prep time> 5mins(doesn't include making rice)

<Cook time> 15mins


・300g of rice + 300cc of water

・1/2 cucumber

・100g of raw salmon

・2 tbsp of toasted sesame seed

・sushi vinegar

egg omelette

・2 eggs

Seasoning A

・1 tsp of mirin

・pinch of salt

・1/tsp of potato starch + 1 tsp of water

Carrot and mushroom seasoned with sweetened soy sauce

1 carrot (80g)

3 shiitake mushroom

Seasoning B

・½ cup of fish stock

・½ tbsp of soy sauce

・1 tsp of mirin

・½ tsp of sugar

<Optional toppings>

broccoli sprout

shredded Nori sea weed


1: Cook 300g of sushi rice with 300cc of water.

Dice cucumber and salmon into 2 cm cubes.

2: Combine potato starch and 1 tsp of water then dissolve them well.Beat the eggs, and add mirin , salt and potato starch. Whisk it until everything is well combined. Heat the vegetable oil with medium heat. Pour ⅓ of egg mixture and spread evenly on you pan. Lower the heat to low. Once the edge gets dry and cooked half way through, flip it. After 10 seconds, transfer it to the cutting board. Repeat the same process for twice. Cut in half and shred them.

3: Shred carrot and shiitake mushroom finely. Heat the vegetable oil in medium, and stir them for 1 min. Then, add Seasoning B and simmer it until almost all the liquid is evaporated.

4: In a bowl, mix steamed rice and sushi vinegar with cutting strokes as fanning them.Once it’s cooling down, add carrot and shiitake mushroom(process 3) and toasted sesame seed. Combine them well.

5: Make a bed of rice(process 4) on your serving plate. Top egg( process 2), cucumber, salmon and garnish some broccoli sprout. Ready to be enjoyed!


tips for making egg

・ you can substitute potato starch to corn starch.

・For making egg, I’m using 15㎝ diameter non stick pan.

・When you make the egg, keep it low heat otherwise it gets burnt. When you flip the egg, the edge should be dry but the surface is still slightly wet.

tips for making sushi rice

・If you don’t have sushi vinegar, make one by following below direction.

1tbsp of sugar, 1/2 tsp of salt, 30cc of rice vinegar. combine them well.

・When you mix rice and sushi vinegar, the rice need to be steaming hot in order to let the rice to absorb all the sushi vinegar.

・Try not to smash the rice grain when you mix them, otherwise the rice become too sticky and mushy.

<Storage time>

Store it in a air-tight container in the fridge for 2days.