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▶Vegan option available.

<Yield> 3 serving

<Prep time> 10 min

<Cook time> 0 min


kabocha squash 250g

celery ½ cup chopped


your favorite nuts ( walnuts, almond etc.)


・ cream cheese 1 piece/ 1 tbsp

・1 tsp of yellow miso

・1 tbsp of neutral oil ( I use rice oil )

・2 tbsp of mayo

・1 tbsp of milk or until you reach desired texture

・½ tsp of black pepper ( It might not be suitable for kids. Highly recommended for adults!!^^)


・2 tbsp of vegan mayo

・1 tbsp of vegan yogurt ( I use soy yogurt)

・1 tbsp of neutral oil

・½ tbsp of yellow miso

・2 pinch of salt

・½ tsp of black pepper ( It might not be suitable for kids. Highly recommended for adults)


1;Wash kabocha squash. Remove the seeds and microwave it 600w for 7mins or until it’s fully cooked and becomes soft inside. Finely Chop celery.

2; Remove the skin of kabocha squash by scooping out the flesh/pulp. Mash the flesh/pulp. When the kabocha squash is still warm, add cream cheese then combine them together. Add 1 tsp of yellow miso , 1 tbsp of neutral oil, 2 tbsp of mayo, and 1 tbsp of milk.

Mix them until everything comes together and becomes creamy resemble to hummus.

If it’s not creamy enough, add more milk or oil to your liking.

3; Adjust the taste with salt and black pepper. Spread on the bread and enjoy with your favorite veggies along with roasted crushed nuts!

<Miwa’s tips> ※Watch more on YouTube!

1; I highly recommend making a sandwich with loads of vegetables like fresh herbs and leafy greens.

2; Please try not to skip on the black pepper!

3; For the vegan version, the direction will be exactly the same as non-vegan version. Please swap the seasonings & condiments as it’s written above. Watch it on YouTube for an in-depth explanation.

4; Drizzle some maple syrup if you tummy is calling for something sweet!^^

<Storage time>

Store it in an air-tight container in the fridge for 4 days.


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2021/07/17 MIWA