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<Yield> 4 servings

<Prep time> 10 min

<Cook time> 20 min


vegetable broth

leftover vegetables (pieces you normally toss it away like skin of onion)

shiitake mushroom 1

water 3 cups

kombu miso paste

used kombu 5inch/ 10cm

miso paste 150g/ ¾ cup

vegetable broth 4 tbsp


1; Put water and leftover vegetables into the pot and simmer it for 20mins with gentle boil. let it come down to room temperature. ( No rapid boil since it’s going to create the bitterness from the veggies)

2; Cut used kombu into small pieces.

3; To the blender, add kombu, cooked shiitake mushroom from the broth, miso paste 150g and 4 tbsp of vegetable broth. Blitz everything until it become smooth.

<Miwa’s tips> ※Watch more on YouTube!

1; Use any vegetables you have on hand. carrot, corn, onion, and chinese cabbage are my favorite.

2; Use any miso paste you want. If your miso is high in sodium, reduce the amount.

3; Mix this kombu miso paste and vegetable broth to make your homemade instant miso soup.

4; Simply dipping into the raw vegetable is great!

<Storage time>

Keep it in an air-tight container in a fridge for 5days.

2021/05/08 MIWA