• Miwa

Banana Ginger Hot Smoothie~immune system booster~


To fight with corona virus boosting your immune system is essential!

Sleep well! Eat well! Enjoy the nature!! is what my family are trying to do at this moment.

What do you do for boosting your immune system??

Since my kids are so picky on food, I'm not sure How I can boost their immune system. This smoothie contains banana and milk, which are kid’s favorite!! perfect!

I hope you will release your stress with this hearty hot smoothie♡

It is not particularly a Japanese recipe, but I would like to share with many of you finding this situation as a little intense.

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<Yeild> 4 serving

<Prep time> 3mins

<Cook time> 3mins


・1 banana

・150ml of milk( Plant based milk is ok)

・1tsp of grated ginger

<Optional toppings>

Cinnamon powder


Maple syrup


1: Pop banana with the skin on into a microwave 600w 2.5 min.

(If the stem is too long, it might get burnt easily. Please keep your eye on it while microwaving)

3; Remove the banana from the skin by scraping with spoon and transfer it to your mug.

4; Mush the banana with back of the spoon until it becomes puree. Add milk and ginger. Stir it well.

4; Pop the mug into the microwave for 600w 1min~1.5min.

5; One more stir and ready to serve.


・If you prefer the creamy texture, you can use the blender to combine 3 ingredients together and pop it in a microwave for 1min~1.5min at the end.

・My kids actually liked the creamy taste(blender used)! I made it with less ginger and added honey for kids.

<Storage time>

Within a day will be preferable.