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Updated: Jan 28, 2022



<Yield> 2 servings

<Prep time> 2 minutes

<Cook time> 5 minutes


4 chicken breast strips (200g)

1 tablespoon salted rice malt

1 tablespoons rice wine

green part leek

4 slices ginger


1. Remove the tendons from the chicken. Transfer them to a microwave safe container. Smother the chicken with shio koji and rice wine. Place the green part of the leek and sliced ginger on top.

2. Microwave the chicken for 2 minutes at 600 watts while covered. Move the position of chicken in the container to ensure even cooking. Continue to microwave them for another 1½-2 minutes. Let them continue to steam in their container until the chicken reaches room temperature.

3. Shred the chicken using two forks or with a stand mixer.

<Chicken macro bowl>

1. Make a bed of steamed rice. On top of the rice add shredded chicken along with your favorite toppings (such as coriander, tomatoes, cucumber etc...).

2. Drizzle with homemade Asian sesame dressing. Now it's ready to be enjoyed!

<Miwa’s tips> ※Watch more on YouTube!

1. You can use chicken breast as well.

2. If you don’t use a microwave, please check out this recipe using a pot. You will be able to get a tender moist chicken similar to this recipe.

<Storage time>

Store in an air-tight container in the fridge for up to 4 days.

<MIWA’s recommendations♡>

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2021/04/24 MIWA

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