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JUMP Start Your New Life in Japan with MIWA

Expat in Japan? Join MIWA for a hands-on cooking & shopping experience, crafted just for YOU.

Welcome from MIWA:

Hi there! I'm Miwa. My passion is to share the beauty and simplicity of Japanese cuisine with you. 

Navigating life in a new country can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to cooking and shopping! Let me guide you through an authentic Japanese cooking and shopping experience, tailored to your individual needs.

What's in Miwa's Special Expat Course?
  • Dive into a personalized In-Home Cooking Lesson.

  • Experience a Customized Supermarket Tour. Discover Japan's rich culinary landscape!

  • Get a consultation tailored to your unique needs. Need bento ideas for kids? Or perhaps vegan Japanese recipes? I've got you covered.

Your Three-Step Culinary Journey:
  • Step 1: Tailored Consultation 
    Share your preferences and needs, and together we'll craft the perfect menu for our session.

  • Step 2: In-Home Cooking Lesson 
    Let me into your kitchen! Together, we'll cook up some authentic Japanese delights.

  • Step 3: Guided Supermarket Tour 
    Ever felt lost in a Japanese supermarket? I'll guide you through, answering all your questions to make your future shopping trips a breeze!

Master the essentials of Japanese cooking with me and weave them seamlessly into your daily life. This course promises enduring benefits, imparting lessons that will stay with you for a lifetime.


Special Offer

Price: USD 500 per person

Bring a friend and each of you gets 20% off

Note: This offer is available exclusively for Tokyo & Yokohama residents. Total session duration is approximately 4 hours.

Hear From Our Happy Foodies

"Having recently moved to Tokyo, I felt quite lost in the kitchen. Miwa's warmth, combined with her deep knowledge, made this course a joy. I particularly loved how she tailored the menu just for me. Cooking Japanese food feels like second nature now."

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