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Japanese Souffle cheese cake! Who can refuse to love it!

Souffle cheese cake is so fluffy and airy almost like between a chiffon cake and a pancake which has a light cheesy flavor in it.

I made a souffle cheese cake with a rice cooker.

NO oven! NO heating! Never mess it up!

If you notice that I rarely post the baking recipe, just because I'm not so good at it... haha

However, as my boys getting older, they start to ask me for some sweets.

So, I thought it's time to starting off the baking.

In the video, you can see me making a couple struggle as a baking beginner. haha

I hope this will contribute your success on making souffle pancake.

The souffle cheese cake is very light!

Perfect treat for the hot & humid summer.

Enjoy cheese caking!



<Yield> 4 servings

<Prep time> 15 mins

<Cook time> 62 mins ( cooking in a rice cooker)


3 eggs

30g / 1.0oz of all purpose flour

100g / 3.5oz of cream cheese

20g/ 0.7oz of unsalted butter

40g /1.4oz of sugar

½ cup of milk

½ tbsp of lemon juice

<Optional toppings>

powder sugar




1: Bring the butter and cream cheese to be room temperature.

Separate the egg white and egg yolk. Keep egg white in a fridge.

2: In a bowl, add cream cheese and butter. Mix them until it becomes creamy. Then add milk, lemon juice and egg yolk. Continue to mix them.

3: Sift the flour and mix into 2. Set it aside.

4; In another bowl, add egg white and sugar. Mix them until the meringue become firm enough to hold the structure.

5; Mix 4 into 3 by dividing into 4 times. Pour them into the rice cooker. Switch on the rice cooker and let it cook with the regular mode.

6; Transfer onto the plate and dust with the powder sugar. Let it cool for 2 hours if you have time. Serve it with your favorite jam and ready to be enjoyed!

<Miwa's tips> Watch video for more tips!

・Add milk little by little so that you won't have much lamp and well combined.

<Storage time>

Store it in a air-tight container in the fridge for 3 days.

2020/ 08/ 22 MIWA