• Miwa

Tender chicken ginger soup


This one is sooooo simple to make!!!! I cooked in my cooking class and the guests all fell in love with the taste and easy process!! My dear guests and family approval recipe! Please enjoy when you feel cold!!

<Yield> 6 servings

<Prep time> 5mins

<Cook time> 1hour


・6 drum chickens

・1 leek( we are using 50cm 120g, but the size is really not the big matter)

・Half of 1 ginger (30g)

・Daikon radish

・8 dried shiitake mushrooms

・1.5ml of water

・100ml of rice wine

・2tbsp of salted rice malt

・1tbsp of soy sauce

・Salt and pepper for adjusting the taste

・1tbsp of toasted sesame oil

<Optional toppings>

Spring onion

Black pepper


1: Soak the dried mushroom in water for overnight. Take each mushroom and squeeze the moisture and remove the stem.

2; Separate the green part and white part of leak. Green part will help to reduce the smell of chicken.Slice the white part on the angle.

After scrubbing the ginger well, slice them into 1cm pieces with the skin on. The skin of ginger will warm you up.

3; In a pressure cooker, put the juice from the dried shiitake mushroom, salted rice malt, and rice wine. Salted rice malt is mixture of salt and rice molt and been fermented. You can use as a salt but salted rice malt has more mild and deeper flavor from the natural sweetness of rice. It also helps to tenderize the chicken.

Add drum chicken, green part of leek, shiitake mushroom without stem, and ginger.

Put the lid on, and wait the pressure to build up. After the pressure reached high, simmer it for 15mins with small heat.

4; Peel the skin of daikon radish, then cut into cubes. The vegetable you put here is really versatile, so be creative on the vegetables. carrot or chinese cabbage are my favorite.

5;By the time, the pressure cooker should be ready to open. Remove the leak and ginger. Add cubed daikon radish and white part of leak. Simmer it for another 10mins until daikon radish are cooked. Splash 1 TBSP of soysauce and salt to adjust the saltiness. Ready to serve!

Drizzle some toasted sesame oil and black pepper when you eat.

Sprinkle some spring onion for the presentation.


・If you don’t have pressure cooker, just simmer it for more than 2hours in a big pot.

・Always want to adjust the taste with salt and pepper. you may taste a little brand without it.

・If salted rice malt is not available, use half tsp of salt and 2 tsp of rice. The rice will thicken the sauce and bring up the flavor of daikon radish.

・Enjoy pouring over the noodle or with rice.

<Storage time>

store it in a air-tight container in the fridge for 3days