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<Yield> 1 serving

<Prep time> 6 min

<Cook time> 0 min


silken tofu 200g / 5 inch square

¼ tsp of grated ginger

chopped spring onion

chopped myoga ( It's a family of ginger. Swap for your favorite fresh herbs)

soy sauce 2 tsp

your favorite oil( I used amani oil in the video)


1; Place tofu on the plate. Garnish some chopped spring onion along with chopped myoga. Add grated ginger if you want to.

2; Drizzle some soy sauce and your choice of oil.

<Miwa’s tips> ※Watch more on YouTube!

1; You can add any fresh vegetable you want for the toping. Fresh herbs like coriander or Italian parsley would be grate!

2; Please adjust the amount of soy sauce and oil to your liking.

3; Japanese often enjoy this dish with bonito flakes if you are not vegan.

<Storage time>

It's better to be enjoyed right after it's served.


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2021/06/26 MIWA