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Chicken rice is a popular Singaporean dish which Japanese love to make!

This time, I'm introducing chicken rice.

It's not really a Japanese cuisine, but I want to share a new way of rice cooker.

I assume that you want to minimize the cooking time as possible right? haha

NO stove is required in this recipe!! Hooray!

All you have to do is throw all ingredients into the rice cooker and turn the switch on.

Rice cooker will do all other works for you!

Are you making the most use of rice cooker?

Do you have any use of rice cooker other than just cooking rice?

There are hundred of recipes which you can do with rice cooker.

I made a souffle cheese cake on my YouTube!

Be lazy, be happy!! haha

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<Yield> 2-3 servings

<Prep time> 5 mins

<Cook time> 40 mins( time for rice cooker to cook rice)


Into Rice cooker

・chicken thigh 300g

・200g / 1¼ cup of sushi rice

・15g of ginger

・1 green part of leek

・270㏄ of water

・50㏄ / 1/4 cup of rice wine without MSG and salt

・1 tbsp worth of chicken bouillon powder


-1 ½ tbsp of oyster sauce without MSG

-1 tsp of fish sauce

-1/2 tsp of juice of lemon

-1 tsp of grated ginger

-1/2 tsp of grated garlic

-2 tbsp of Toasted sesame oil

-10cm of spring onion

-1 Myoga( optional)

<Optional toppings>



fresh basil

chili oil


1:Rinse rice and add water into the rice cooker. Add rice wine and chicken bouillon powder, then gentry stir them.Place chicken thigh, ginger and green part of leek on top. Make sure to place chicken under the ginger and leak. Turn on the rice cooker with the regular mode.

2: Shred spring onion and myoga finely. Mix them with seasonings written on the <Sauce> above.

3: After the rice is cooked, remove ginger and green part of leek. Transfer chicken thigh onto the cutting board. Slice them into bite size pieces.

Chicken should be tender and fully cooked. ↓

4: Serve rice on your plate and place chicken followed by your favorite toppings. Drizzle generous amount of sauce( process 2). Ready to be enjoyed!


・For rice cooker, DO NOT use a fast mode for this recipe otherwise chicken can be under-cooked. As a reference, my rice cooker takes 60mins to cook.

・if you don't have a fish sauce on hand, swap for soy sauce.

・If you can make rice with your slow cooker, this recipe also should work with your slow cooker. To be honest I don't have slow cooker, so if you guys can tell me how it turned out, would be grateful!! DM me to my Instagram!

<Storage time>

Store it in a air-tight container in the fridge for 3days.

2020/05/20 MIWA

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