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<TOFU POKE BOWL/ 豆腐ポキボール>


<Yield> 3 servings

<Prep time> 12 mins

<Cook time> 0 min ( It doesn’t include the time for cooking rice)


firm tofu 200g / 5 inch square

1cup Asian cucumber, diced

4 cherry tomato

½ avocado

¼ cup shiso basil, thinly sliced

½ cup spring onion, finely chopped

½ cup broccoli sprout


3 1/2 tbsp of soy sauce

2 tbsp of mirin

grated garlic ( 1-2 clove)

½ tbsp of Toasted sesame oil

½ tsp of wasabi paste ( as much or little as You want)

1 tsp of lemon juice

1 tsp of toasted sesame seed


1; Dice cucumber, firm tofu and avocado into ½ inch dice. Finely chop spring onion. Cut cherry tomato into ¼. Thinly slice shiso basil. Cut off the base of broccoli sprout.

Microwave Mirin 600w for 1min to burn off the alcohol or bring it to a boil on the stove and keep cooking for another 30 seconds.

2; For the dressing, combine ingredients on <Dressing> into the bowl.

Toss cucumber, avocado, tofu, and cherry tomato to coat.

3; Serve cooled cooked rice on the bowl. Top 2 then garnish broccoli sprout, spring onion and shiso basil. Drizzle a little bit of remaining dressing over the rice. Ready to be enjoyed.

<Miwa’s tips> ※Watch more on YouTube!

1; Adjust the amount of garlic and wasabi paste to your liking.

2; If you want to reduce the soy sauce, just use 3 tbsp of soy sauce and add more wasabi, garlic and fresh herbs to give a kick. OR keep the same ratio and simply try not to use up all the remaining dressing.

3; Shiso basil are interchangeable to any other fresh herbs like coriander.

<Storage time>

Keep the dressing and ingredients in the fridge separately and combine just before it’s served. The dressing will last 1 week.


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2021/ 07/ 17 MIWA