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Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Let me introduce to you the Chinese cabbage.

Here is what we will cover in this post.

1. When is Chinese cabbage in season?

2. What are the health benefits in eating a Chinese cabbage?

3. How do you store Chinese cabbage?

4. How do you eat and cook a Chinese cabbage?


<1. When is Chinese cabbage in season?>

A: November-February (Japan)

<2. What are the health benefits in eating a Chinese cabbage?>

-Chinese cabbage contains high amounts of vitamin C.

Vitamin C will protect you from catching colds due to its immune system boosting power.

-Chinese cabbage also contains a variety of minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

Speaking of potassium, due to its diuretic effect excess salt is excreted.

Hence, it will prevent high blood pressure.

-High in fiber

Chinese cabbage has an intestinal regulating effect. Great for those who tends to be constipated.

<3. How do you store Chinese cabbage?>

- Keeping the Chinese cabbage whole:

Wrap with newspaper and store at a cool temperature for 1 week. Storing upright is preferable.

-Once you've cut the Chinese cabbage:

Wrap up with the plastic wrap and store in the fridge for 1 week.

<4. How do you eat and cook Chinese cabbage?>

Soups & hot pot

In my opinion, making soups and hotpot with Chinese cabbage is the best!

When Chinese cabbage is cooked, it will release lots of moisture along with natural sweetness. This brings so much flavor into your soup. I always cook down my cabbage until it has wilted and has become tender.

Vitamin C is water soluble, so its nutrition will dissolve into the soup. It’s better to enjoy the soup together with Chinese cabbage. Even though picky kids don't like to eat Chinese cabbage itself, they will still drink the soup! haha

Pickled & in a salad

You can enjoy the cabbage raw. Chinese cabbage is very crunchy. The easiest way to eat it is to thinly slice and toss with some salt, soy sauce and toasted sesame oil. If you have chili oil or spices, then those would be great too!


※Some of these recipe doesn't call for Chinese cabbage directly, but please feel free to swap whatever vegetable is written there for Chinese cabbage.


<Dear friends in this community!>

I love vegetables!! Do you guys love them as well??

I want to explore seasonal vegetables with you guys!

If you like this type of blog, please leave a comment!

Thank you as always!

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2020/11/09 MIWA

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hello Miwa,

Thank you for this article. I love seasonal vegetables and eat Chinese cabbage, Chinese greens, daikon radish, bitter melon etc. I tend to eat plant based and so, have been following your videos on You Tube and tried the recipes. I learnt how to cook rice better, eat natto😊 and make miso soup because of your videos. Please keep making more recipes. Thank you again.

Me gusta
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