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nebaneba soba noodle salad


Perfect lunch noodle recipe for sweating hot summer.

You can whip up in less than 10mins, pretty forgiven , not much heat required in cooking process, and nutritious.

No reason of not making this for lazy mom like me .haha

Enjoy this go-to summer noodle recipe!

Please tag me if you ever make it!



<Yield> 2 servings

<Prep time> 5mins

<Cook time> 3mins


soba noodle for 2 servings

・2 onsen egg

・1/2 avocado

・½ cucumber

・6 cherry tomato

・broccoli sprout

・3 okura

・1 package of natto


4 tbsp of dashi soy sauce(2 times concentrated version)

<Optional toppings>



nori seaweed

shredded chicken


1: Cook soba noodle according to the package instruction. Drain the water completely and let it cool down. Transfer onto your serving plate.

2: Boil okura and chop them thinly. Cut avocado in dice. Cut cherry tomato in half. Juliana the cucumber. Assemble all topping listed above.

3: Drizzle some dashi soy sauce over. Toss every thing and ready to dig in!


・If you don't have dashi soy sauce on hand, swap for soy sauce or Ponzu!

<Storage time>

Store every components separately in the air-tight container in the fridge for 2days.


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