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Onsen egg


To make everything delightful, you need this Onsen egg! Do you?! haha

Onsen egg is egg yolk to be still runny and egg white to be slightly coagulated. Similar to poached egg, but using totally different yet simple method. we make it with the shell on.

To enjoy it, just top on the rice, noodle, grilled vegetables. The variations are endless.

I’m introducing you how you can enjoy this onsen egg at the end of below video.

Hope you will enjoy it!

PS; My English is really not that good, so if you have any question reading below directions, feel free to ask me any through my Instagram!!



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<Yield> 4 servings

<Prep time> 0mins

<Cook time> 15 mins





1: Let the eggs to the room temperature. Bring the water to a boil. You need a enough depth of water to submerge all eggs.

2: Off the heat, and place the eggs carefully into the water.

3: Wait for 12-15mins. Transfer to the ice bath and leave it for a couple mins. Crack the shell. Enjoy it!

<Miwa's tip>

-Remember to off the heat. key here is keeping the temperature between 65- 70 degree Celsius.

-If you are making in winter or prefer more jammy consistency, you might need to leave it in a hot water 2-3 mins longer because the room temperature is low.

-Also when the temperature is over 25 degree Celsius, 15mins is too long to leave in hot water. Try 12mins!

-If you are in hurry, place the eggs next to the stove flame during bringing the water to a boil. this will help to warm up your eggs.

<Storage time>

Store it with the shell on in a fridge for a day.


<Recipes with onsen egg!>

- Nebaneba soba noodle salad

- Onsen egg bowl

- Gyudon bowl



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