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Japanese Bento Box Tips in summer


It’s the summer time!!

Humid, hot summer in Japan has finally started!

「My kids started their school. I have to make a bento box for them. I have no idea what to put. I’m afraid that it might go bad by the lunch time. 」

If you have this kind of concern, I would like to share tips of bento box in summer. As a information, I have 2 sons and makes bento box everyday.

1: Tips for preventing your bento box to be spoilt
2: Bento box friendly recipe

3: Useful products you can buy on Amazon

<Tips for preventing your bento box to be spoilt>

There are two things that bacteria loves.

1; humidity

2; warm temperature

To avoid the bacteria, I keep in mind 8 things!

1; Drain all the excess water as much as possible.

2; Do not put the lid on until the ingredients are completely cool down.

The steam will create some moisture

3; Add ingredients that has antibacterial effects

Plum pickle, shiso herb, curry powder, wasabi, vinegar.

These all have antibacterial effect and gives your bento more vibrant!

For example, You can drop 1 tsp of vinegar when you cook rice(1 cup of rice).

It won’t be vinegary rice but it still prevents your rice to be spoiled

4: Use dry food effectively.

Dry food such as sesame seed, bonito flakes and wakame seaweed will absorb the moisture. If you are going to add some saucy dish, you can place or toss with dry food together, such as spinach with sesame seed/ Teriyaki meatball with nori seaweed.Thickening the sauce with potato starch is also very useful.

5: Never put leftovers

6: Try to avoid raw vegetables

e.g. ; Tomato, leafy greens, cucumber

7: Separate each dishes as much as possible by dividing with aluminum foil cup or silicon cup.

8: Use frozen items effectively

There are room temperature defrostable food widely available in Japanese local supermarket. If you put that in the morning, it will be naturally defrosted by lunch time. It also works as an ice pack. PLUS, you can be lazy in the morning! haha

▶▶Look for below Japanese on the package 

自然解凍= defrostable in room temperature

<Bento box friendly recipe>

Spring roll- using microwave- Shuumai dumpling without using a steamer Epic salmon sesame ONIGIRI Edamame,cheese, bonito flake ONIGIRI

<Useful products you can buy on amazon>

Antibacterial sheet

silicon cup

ice pack

I'm talking about bento box on you tube!

For me , making bento box is something I have to do every day with long term!

Just like a marathon!

Be lazy, do best as you can!

I repeat the same dishes over and over but kids are ok with it! haha

If you have any question feel free to DM me on my Instagram!