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Japanese chashu pork are always a winner!

You find Japanese Chashu pork always topped on the ramen. Ramen restaurants value Japanese chashu pork as much as noodle & soup by having their originality to the recipe.

My Japanese chashu pork recipe is tender simmered in a yummy soy sauce ginger based sauce. It still has a little bit of texture left unlike pulled pork.

I always make a batch of chashu pork and keep it in my fridge. Chashu pork go with almost any kind of dishes such as fried rice, topped on the salad, filling in a rice ball, and topping in a veggie wrap. So many different way you can enjoy by mixing and matching with other ingredients.

I'll be posting chashu pork arranged dishes on separate recipes if you are interested! ( leave me a comment on Instagram!)

My family finish this chashu pork right away, so I usually make double the portion by the recipe below.

Enjoy and make one for yourself or hungry loved ones!!


<Prep time> 5mins

<Cook time> 2.5hours


Pork shoulder but 500g/ 17.6 oz( fat should be nicely marbled, but not too much)

20g/ 0.7oz of ginger

1 onion

5g / 1 piece of kelp (konbu)

200cc/ 1cup of rice wine without MSG and salt

1L/ 5cup of water


150cc / ¾ cup of soy sauce

5 tbsp of sugar

75cc/ 5 tbsp of mirin without MSG

<Optional Topping>

Japanese mustard

shredded leek

soft boiled egg


1:Poke the surface of pork with fork.

Pan fry the pork over high heat until all the surface become charred.

Shred the onion and ginger.

2: In a big pot, place pork, ginger, onion, kelp, water and rice wine. Once it brings to a boil, cook it for 30mins over mid heat. Remove the scum on the surface.

3: Add seasoning listed above and simmer it for 1.5hours with the aluminum foil on.

After 1.5 hours, off the heat. Slice it into bite size pieces. Transfer onto your plate. Garnish some shredded leek, Japanese mustard and soft boiled egg if you want to. Enjoy with plenty of sauce.

<Miwa’s tips>

・If you don’t have a kelp, you can leave it.

・Please pan fry the pork well before put them into the pot. This is for the nice smokiness. I didn't add oil since pork fat naturally works as a oil.

・By covering with aluminum foil, pork will be cooked and seasoned equally.

・If you want to use the instant pot, I recommend to finish by process 2, then put them in a instant pot along with seasoning.( To be honest, I haven’t tried that, so let me know if you guys tried it through instagram!)

・The pork easily break apart right after finish cooking. To prevent that, Slice it after it comes down to the room temperature.

・As the time goes, the taste will be stronger and become more flavorful.

・Place soft boiled egg in a sauce to make a ramen egg.

<Recommended side dish>


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<Storage time>

Store it in a air-tight container in the fridge for 5days.

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