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Inari Sushi -popular homemade sushi-


Do you think people regularly make sushi at home in Japan?

In fact, the answer is not. Especially for NIGIRI sushi with high quality raw fish, we often go out and eat at the specialty restaurant.

Then,what kind of sushi people make at home in Japan???

Today’s recipe is pretty popular home cooking style sushi which is great for home party and lunch box.

Each family has their own recipe.

Mine is mixing sushi rice together with hijiki seaweed wrapped with sweet soy sauce based fried tofu.

It's juicy and well balanced with savory and sweet.

Also I already posted Chirashi sushi which is another famous authentic sushi in Japan.

Today's recipe needs a little more effort comparing to my usual recipe, but definitely worth trying it once!.

<Inari sushi/ 稲荷寿司>

<Yield> 3 servings

<Prep time> 15mins( doesn’t include soaking time of rice)

<Cook time> 10mins


〇Sushi rice

160g of sushi rice

160cc of water

2 tbsp of Sushi vinegar without MSG

〇Fried tofu wrapper

5 Thin fried tofu

〇Seasoning A

3 tbsp of soy sauce

3 tbsp of mirin without MSG

3 tbsp of rice wine without MSG and salt

3 tbsp of sugar

200cc of water

Hijiki seaweed seasoned with sweetened soysauce

<Optional toppings>


thinly sliced egg omelette




1: Rinse sticky sushi rice and soak in water for an hour. Drain the water and cook with 160cc of water.

2: Make Hijiki seaweed according to the separate recipe.

3: Place the thin fried tofu on the cutting board. Place the single chopstick over the fried tofu then roll around from one side to the other by pressing it. Cut in half and put your finger into the cut to open the tofu carefully. Remove the excess oil of thin fried tofu by pouring boiling hot water(1000cc). Let it cool down and squeeze the water. In a pot, place fried tofu and Seasoning A listed above. Simmer it until all the liquids evaporated. Let it cool down.

4; In a big bowl, place steaming hot cooked sushi rice and drizzle sushi vinegar over the rice. Mix them by cutting it with spatula as you fan it. When the rice is completely cool down, add hijiki seaweed( process 2). Roughly mix everything together. Divide into 10 and make 10 rice balls.

5: Put your rice ball into thin fried tofu (process 3). Make sure the rice is fully stuffed into the thin fried tofu, including corners. Close and shape by gently patting it. Garnish some topping if you want to. Ready to be served!

<Miwa’s tips>

・Rice need to be sticky sushi rice

・You can swap hijiki seaweed for toasted sesame seed.

・This friend tofu is quite breakable. Make sure to squeeze gently at process 2.

・It's important to drizzle sushi vinegar when the rice is still hot in order to let vinegar absorb into the rice grain.

・Thin fried tofu is usually coated with degraded oil, it’s very important to remove it before you season them. The hot water needs to be boiling hot.

・Better to eat in the same day since the rice gets dry easily.

<Recommended side dishes>

Spicy cucumber pickle

Silken Tofu With Salted Plum Pickle Dressing

Miso soup

<Storage time>

Store it in a air-tight container in the fridge for 2days.

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